Knowledge Stache

We’ve pulled together high-level baby basics with the novice in mind; but every baby is unique and on their own journey. Milestones and recommendations are just that; not a checklist.

Baby Proofing

We include age-specific safety products in your Stache, but take a look around at what makes your home uniquely hazardous… Wrap up blind cords that babies can get tangled in, consider how to keep animals separated from the baby, use a gate to block off stairs or minimize the space baby can access, etc.


How do you know what size diaper they wear? Which formula to buy? Allergies to consider? Just like us, babies have their own preferences and needs. Be sure to ask the parents – even if you’ve raised your own.

Taking Care of Mom

Postpartum depression is real and affects up to 20% of moms. Symptoms may develop within a few weeks – or later – up to a year after birth. Watch for frequent, unexplained tears, excessive anxiety, or feeling disconnected from the baby. A lack of love for baby is not the cause. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Give her a break and offer to hold the baby
  • Listen and don’t minimize or dismiss her feelings
  • Continue to treat her like you would when baby was first born
  • Invite her out of the house or take baby for the day – remind her you’re prepared with BabyStache!
  • Many local hospitals also have programs to support postpartum – do some research for her (but leave decisions up to her and professionals)

Knowledge Staches

Learn more about the products and baby-basics for each age-based Stache.