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Subscription Staches

Receive a subscription box of age-specific must-haves every 3 months. Just choose the starting age. $110 each.

Individual Staches

Select a one-time box of age-specific must-haves. Great for infrequent visits. $125 each.

Safety Stache

Supplement your Stache with 12 outlet covers, 4 corner covers & 2 cabinet locks. $30.

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Our Subscription Staches were designed to keep up with the growing baby from birth to age two. If you will only see baby once or twice a year, Individual Staches paired with our Safety Stache may be the perfect solution for you.

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We partner with trusted brands to curate high-quality, beautiful products for each Stache

Maison Rue | Itzy Ritzy | KidCo | Speedy Monkey | Hello Bello | & more!