Welcome to your Walker Stache!

Happy birthday! Hopefully you’ve helped properly celebrate babies first year and have reflected on the amazing role you’ve played in their little lives. At BabyStache, we’re serious about community and the benefits it offers everyone. So, thank you! As you move into year two (!!) we want to help you prepare for the independence they’re gaining.

What’s Inside?

  • Pull-along train with stacking blocks that can dial up the creative play and imagination
  • Silicone food set to help them gain confidence as they self-feed and explore new foods (and keeps your grown up dishes safe!)
  • Silicone puzzle to help build fine motor skills and problem solving
  • KidCo Cabinet Locks – bonus set to keep curious babies from digging through drawers or pinching their fingers
  • Emergency Stache of Hello Bello diapers (sizes 3 & 4) and baby wipes
  • Please follow all manufacturer safety directions & visit their website for more info

Baby Basics

Tips & Tidbits

Every baby is unique. Below are some milestones 12-15 month olds may experience. We share these to offer ideas for ways you can interact and enjoy your time together!

Gross Motor (large muscles) – walking independently, crawling up stairs

Fine Motor (small muscles) – build a 2 block tower, scribble, turn pages (2-3 at a time)

Self-Help (independence) – using forks and spoons, drinking from cup, help getting dressed.

Cognitive (mental skills) – looking at pictures, identify self in mirror, match shapes / colors.


By age 1, babies are still spending around 11 hours sleeping at night with a couple of naps throughout the day (1-2 hrs each).

1 year old’s also graduate from Safe Sleep ABCs, and can now use a small blanket or take a stuffed toy to bed with them. But always check with mom or dad before assuming it’s ok!


Most nutrition is now coming from solid foods, usually 4-5 small meals and a couple snacks each day, along with milk or breast milk.

Let them feed themselves, just be prepared, it’s going to get messy! Give them lots of love and encouragement (and patience)… these are big new skills they are learning!

Easy snacks you may already have on hand are fresh berries (cut up), shredded cheese, cheerios or yogurt. Solid Starts has some great tips too!