Welcome to your Climber Stache!

Up and down and all around – get ready for soon-to-be toddlers to climb on everything. Which means there will be more to play with (or knock over) within arms reach. This is also a super fun age because they want to participate and engage with daily routines around the house. It’s really about imitating you, so invite them to join! Be sure to use your baby-proofing gear from prior Staches.

What’s Inside?

  • Fold flat step stool – let’s growing kiddos help you with tasks or reach the sink to wash their hands (or to help you reach that top shelf!)
  • Montessori busy book that focuses on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, problem solving and creative play
  • Alphabet puzzle that is simple yet highly effective for developing problem solving and fine motor skills
  • Bubbles! The absolute excitement and curiosity bubbles provide little toddlers is magical
  • Emergency Stache of Hello Bello diapers (size 4) and baby wipes
  • Please follow all manufacturer safety directions & visit their website for more info

Baby Basics

Tips & Tidbits

All of this new independence can translate into kiddos that can hear and understand you, but completely dismiss you. Its normal, but can also be frustrating.

Try giving choices (apple or banana), give simple single step instructions and reserve “no” for serious stuff (like touching something hot)


By age 1, babies are still spending around 11 hours sleeping with one 1-3 hour nap. Some kiddos still prefer two shorter naps, and that’s ok!

1 year old’s also graduate from Safe Sleep ABCs, and can now use a small blanket or take a stuffed toy to bed with them. But always check with mom or dad before assuming it’s ok!


At this age, offer food every 2-3 hours. They have small tummies and need to fuel all that energy and eating often helps them get the nutrition they need.

Their taste preferences are still developing so don’t shy away from offering whole, fresh foods to try (with parents permission)