Welcome to your Toddler Stache!

Pretend play is such a powerful learning tool and almost instinctual at this age. Things like taking care of baby dolls, cleaning, and practicing their chef or barista skills allows them to play grown-up, and gives you a super fun front row to the show! This Stache is all about pretend play and more independence.

What’s Inside?

  • Play dining set with wooden food lets you have a meal prepared by your favorite little chef
  • Kids apron to let them dress up during play time or help you create in the kitchen (while limiting the mess!)
  • Camera with kaleidoscope viewfinder to encourage imaginative play, and to see the world in different colors, literally!
  • Water bottle that’s all theirs while keeping a lid on spills
  • Snack cup, encourages independence and helps toddlers snack away with less mess and spills
  • Emergency Stache of Hello Bello diapers (size 4)
  • Please follow all manufacturer safety directions & visit their website for more info

Baby Basics


By age two, growth is slowing a bit so expect them to eat 2-3 meals and a couple of snacks.

Appetites and preferences may vary. They may not eat much one day, and clear their plates the next. If they refuse something during one visit, try it again another time.


By age 1, babies are still spending around 11 hours sleeping with one 1-3 hour nap. Some kiddos still prefer two shorter naps, and that’s ok!

1 year old’s also graduate from Safe Sleep ABCs, and can now use a small blanket or take a stuffed toy to bed with them. But always check with mom or dad before assuming it’s ok!

Potty Time

Maybe, but maybe not. Potty training is really at the pace of each child. Typically, you will see kiddos master this task between 2 – 3.5 years old.

If a toddler is spending lots of time at your house, you may want to have a training toilet seat cover. That with the fold flat stool from your earlier Stache will let them practice while away from home.