Welcome to your Cruiser Stache!

Playing together during this stage is so much fun – try out pat-a-cake or simply waving hi and bye. In this Stache, you’ll find lots interactive toys that help you bond, inspire creativity and create all sorts of memories.

Babies may also start to act like little explorers. Getting into anything with in reach or digging into cabinets and drawers. Do a quick scan for what makes your home uniquely hazardous (blind cords, stairways, etc.) and grab your outlet and corner covers from your previous Staches.

What’s Inside?

  • KidCo Cabinet Locks – helps keep curious babies from digging through drawers or pinching their fingers
  • Stacking cups that are great to squeeze or gnaw on and will eventually help carry snacks, build sandcastles, and are super fun in the bathtub
  • Board book that’s great for little hands and curious eyes, plus access to video and audio versions!
  • Rainbow abacus toy that helps with hand-eye coordination, color differentiation and creativity
  • Silicone bib to make meal and snack time (slightly) less messy
  • Emergency Stache of Hello Bello diapers (sizes 3 & 4)
  • Please follow all manufacturer safety directions & visit their website for more info

Baby Basics

Tips & Tidbits

Huge changes leading up to their first birthday – most go from copying simple noises at 6 months to knowing 5-10 words by 12 months!

The reading you or others have done with baby throughout their first year is really building their vocabulary. Keep it up!

On the Move!

Keep ’em sock free during play and when they start standing – socks are slippery!

Baby may be standing up, scooting around by holding on to furniture, maybe even their first independent steps!


Breast milk / formula are still key. Baby typically drinks about 6-8 oz every 4-6 hours, plus a few small meals.

By this age, they can eat mostly what you eat, just small amounts and more bland (less salt and spice). Teether crackers or toddler puffs are fun snacks at this age too. Some snack ideas at this age include, whole grain cereals, cooked noodles or rice, eggs, or banana spears.