Welcome to your Explorer Stache!

Most babies at this stage want to embrace their independence; having trusted adults nearby as they try new things helps them feel more confident. A healthy mix of independent play with social play (having to take turns or share) are equally important, so use lots of open ended play, follow their lead (no right or wrong way to play) or explore outside together!

What’s Inside?

  • 2-in-1 musical bench with balls and hammer – it’s a fun way to help little ones acquire logic, coordination, and cognitive ability
  • Interactive bowling game for lots of giggles and fun, while learning how to take turns and build hand-eye coordination
  • Wooden puzzle to challenge that growing brain in new ways
  • Board book because they will enjoy turning pages, pointing to objects they know, and it’s a great way to bond (and sneak in snuggles) while helping them develop language skills
  • Diaper Baggies refills to keep the stinky messes under control
  • Emergency Stache of Hello Bello diapers (size 4)
  • Please follow all manufacturer safety directions & visit their website for more info

Baby Basics

Tips & Tidbits

By this age, some babies are saying 3-10 words!

Naming everything (nose, spoon, door, etc.) is a great way to help develop vocabulary. Try adding descriptions too – red chair or big dog. They might not repeat it back, but they are soaking it in.

Reading together is and will continue to be a fundamental tool for their language building skills.


By age 1, babies are still spending around 11 hours sleeping and by 18 months, they might transition to just one longer nap each day.

1 year old’s also graduate from Safe Sleep ABCs, and can now use a small blanket or take a stuffed toy to bed with them. But always check with mom or dad before assuming it’s ok!


Most nutrition is now coming from solid foods, usually 4-5 small meals and a couple snacks each day, along with milk or breast milk.

Let them feed themselves, just be prepared, it’s going to get messy! Give them lots of love and encouragement (and patience)… these are big new skills they are learning!

Easy snacks you may already have on hand are fresh berries (cut up), shredded cheese, cheerios or yogurt. Solid Starts has some great tips too!